A Propane-Fueled World

Convert your engine to run on propane!

Propane Benefits 1

Propane (also known as liquefied petroleum gas or LPG) is a well-established, domestically available, clean-burning fuel. Greater use of propane as a vehicle fuel would increase energy security, provide convenience and performance benefits, and improve public health and the environment.

Increasing Energy Security

The United States imports more than 60% of its petroleum, two thirds of which is used to fuel vehicles in the form of gasoline and diesel. The demand for petroleum imports is increasing. With much of the worldwide petroleum reserves located in politically volatile countries, the United States is vulnerable to supply disruptions.

Fueling produced domestically and propane fueling stations are widely available. Propane has one of the highest energy densities of all alternative fuels, so propane vehicles go farther on a tank of fuel. It is also an exceptionally safe fuel: propane tanks are 20 times more puncture resistant than gasoline tanks, and propane has the lowest flammability range of all alternative fuels.

Protecting Public Health and the Environment

Compared with vehicles fueled by conventional diesel and gasoline, propane vehicles can produce significantly lower amounts of some harmful emissions and the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.

Converting gasoline engines to propane or dual-fuel systems helps the environment and saves you money! We convert:


Automotive Engines

Small Engines

Cars Golf Carts
Trucks Mowers
Buses Generators
Boats Trimmers
And More And More

See ” Automotive Engines ” and ” Small Engines ” for more information.


Is a non-toxic, readily available natural resource
Is the 3rd most commonly used fuel
Reduces air pollution & hydrocarbon emissions by 70%
Produces less greenhouse gases
Costs at least 30% less than gasoline
Has no spillage issues, less pilferage, doesn’t spoil

Benefits of PROPANE as Fuel:

On vehicles (automotive engines):

Less engine maintenance
Oil change intervals can be lengthened, saving on maintenance costs
Reduces costly repairs
Extends engine life

On small engines:

Eliminates ethanol concerns on all small, 4-stroke equipment
All the SAME benefits as Automotive application also apply to small engines

“Making a Better Tomorrow With PROPANE”

A cleaner environment

Cleaner and quieter equipment

Save money per gallon on fuel prices


1 Source:  U.S. Department of Energy